Cycling routes Alpe d’Huez

The area of Alpe d’Huez is the cycling mecca of Europe. Besides the Alpe d’Huez itself, the area has the highest percentage of famous mountain passes. The Col de la Croix de Fer, la Glandon and Col du Galibier are just around the corner. With La Madeleine and Izoard within short distance this region is, rightly so, called cycle paradise. Besides the really famous mountains, there are an infinite number of other mountains and biking routes. Finally, this is the region of the world famous course La Marmotte, the ultimate bike ride in the Alps with 5000 altimeters over a distance of 175 km. On location we have all the information available of the mountains and the different routes. Our staff has a large knowledge of the area, so ask them for the best possibilities.

Legendary cols and routes

Alpe d’Huez profile routes
Col de la Croix de Fer/ col du Glandon profile routes
Col du Galibier profile routes
La Marmotte profile routes
Col de la Madeleine profile routes
Col d’Izoard profile routes

The best routes from the chalet

Naam Length Alltitude gain
Balcony routes from 65 km from 2000 hm
Routes with the col d’Ornon from 110 km from 2200 hm
Route Bons-Sarenne 82 km 2200 hm
Route des Villards 85 km 2500 hm
La Berarde 100 km 1750 hm

Of course, the area around Alpe d’Huez offers fantastic routes. However, if you drive a short distance by car, there are still many beautiful routes that show you yet another completely different part of the Alps.
So don’t let that stop you from taking a short drive by car and heading for beautiful areas around the corner

The most beautiful routes within a short car distance

Naam Start van de route Lengte Hoogtemeters
Marmotte 2015 variant Col du Glandon (40 min rijden) 85 km 2450 hm
Tour 2015 variant Col du Glandon 95 km 3000 hm
Lac de Sautet Le Perrier (50 min rijden) 95 km 2200 hm
Route des gorges Grenoble (1 uur rijden) 115 km 2300 hm
Grand tour de Chartreuse Grenoble 120 km 2600 hm

*The altimeters indicated by Strava are always around 20% too much than in reality.