Area information Stelvio

The Passo dello Stelvio is one of the most iconic cols that you can find in Europe. It is the second highest col of Europe and absolutely one of the hardest. Conquering the Stelvio is a personal goal which is on the bucket list of a lot of people. The views from the top and during the climbs are phenomenal. You can climb this col from three different sides and from two different countries. Of course it is most famous for its 48 hairpins.

As always the surroundings of this beautiful col are also worth cycling. Besides the Stelvio climbs there are a lot more very hard climbs. The valleys of the area are nice and flat so you can vary a lot between though climbs and relax cycling through the valley.

One of Europe bigger cycling events is the `The Country Giroa`. This cyclo starts in Nauders every year.

We worked out a few ideas about routes for you already, so you can start preparing your trip!

Climbs in the area

Name Distance from chalet Length Height Average %
Passo dello Stelvio 36 kilometer 25 km 2758m 7.5
Passo dal Fuorn 29 kilometer 28 km 2149m 4.4
Passo di Resia 0 kilometer 16 km 1502m 3.2
Norbertshöhe 20 kilometer 6 km 1340m 6.4
Samnaun 10 kilometer 15 km 1839m 5.4
Kaunertaler Gletscherstrasse 29 kilometer 38.5 km 2750m 4,9
Serfaus 26 kilometer 9.5 km 1429m 5.8

Routes in the area

Name Distance from chalet Length Alltitude gain
3 countries tour Start from Nauders 135 km 1900 hm
Round of Samnaun Start from Nauders 44 km 1350 hm
Through the Inntall to Serfaus Start from Nauders 78 km 1300 hm