Cycling hotels near the Mont Ventoux

The Mont Ventoux is a climb that appeals to the imagination of many cyclists. The lunar landscape, the history and the gradient make it one of the most beautiful climbs. We found two magnificent locations from where you can climb this mountain and make beautiful day rides. Do you not only want  to climb the Mont Ventoux? Then there are a lot of other different climbs, pittoresque  Provencale villages, lavender fields, views over the area and many Gorges to explore and enjoy.

All many years we can offer the location Mas des Amerans, a renovated old farmhouse with different appartments and studios. Cycling hotel Le Rève we will first offer from summer 2018. This is a big holiday house which we offer with half board. Both locations have a spacious garden with private swimming pool where you can relax after a day on the bike.

The appartments of Mas des Amerans are located near the village of Malaucène , at the start of the climb to the Mont Ventoux. These appartments and studios, in an old farmhouse, can  be booked by  groups of 1 till 40 persons. For groups of 12 persons or more we can offer half board.

Cycling hotel Le Rêve  is a typical Provencale holiday house located just outside the village Lachau at the east of the Mont Ventoux. This is a less know region, but worth riding. You can easily plan the lenght and the alltitutes you want to cycle. The detached house has got a private swimming pool and a spacious garden with views over the hills of the Drôme. This cycling hotel can be booked by groups of 12 till 18 persons.

Mas des Amarens

The 10 appartments and studios of the Mas des Amarens are built in an old farmhouse in the Provence. From the garden you can see the Mont Ventoux! The location close to Malaucène is perfect to climb the Mont Ventoux and explore the villages of Vaison la Romaine – Buis le Barronies – Dentelles de Montmirail by bike.

  • Located just outside Malaucène (4 km) at the start of the climb to the Mont Ventoux and 15km to Bedoin
  • Authentic Provencale appearance
  • Spacious terrain with a view of the Mont Ventoux
  • Swimming pool, locked bicycle storage and tabletennis table
  • Different barbecues in the garden
  • WIFI
  • Half board possible for groups of 12 or more persons. Ask us for a quote.

Cycling hotel Le Rêve

Cycling hotel Le Rêve is a typical Provencale accommodation which is renovated in 2011 and perfect for cyclist. It is a atmospheric, comfortable and big holiday resort with private swimming pool. The ideal cycling hotel in the area of the Mont Ventoux. Cycling hotel Le Rêve is suited for groups of 12 to 18 persons. From cycling hotel Le Rêve  you can choose to climb the Mont Ventoux, but you can also make beautiful loops through the Drôme- Haute Alpes. For example the Montagne de Lure (small Mt. Ventoux), Col du Negron, Gorges de la Nesque… less know, but worth riding…

  • Suited for 12 to 18 persons
  • Located in the Drôme, just outside the village of Lachau (30km east of the Mont Ventoux)
  • Typical Provencale appearence
  • Quiet location between the lavender fields and pristine mountains
  • Swimming pool, locked bicycle storage, spacious garden with sun teracce
  • WIFI
  • Big barbecue in the garden


Prices Mas des Amerans

At the Mas des Amerans there are different appartments and studios for rent. We can offer half board and cycling clincs for groups of 12 persons or more. Ask us for a qoute.

Tourist tax (€0,70 p.p.p.n.),bedlinnen and towels, and final cleaning are exclusive.

Stay for a week

PeriodStudio 2,3,4Studio 1App 5App 7,8,9App 6,10House
1/5 till 10/6€286,-€413,-€503,-€589,-€631,-€1313,-
11/6 till 1/7€315,-€449,-€519,-€693,-€725,-€1313,-
2/7 till 19/8€399,-€599,-€672,-€735,-€777,-€1313,-
20/8 till 31/10€315,-€452,-€515,-€693,-€725,-€1313,-

Stay for a weekend (3 days)

PeriodStudio 2,3,4Studio 1App 5App 7,8,9App 6,10House
1/5 till 10/6€222,-€321,-€392,-€459,-€492,-€1024,-
11/6 till 1/7€246,-€355,-€401,-€540,-€566,-€1024,-
2/7 till 19/8nvtnvtnvtnvtnvtnvt
20/8 till 31/10€246,-€352,-€401,-€540,-€565,-€1024,-

Stay for a weekend (4 days)

PeriodStudio 2,3,4Studio 1App 5App 7,8,9App 6,10House
1/5 till 10/6€249,-€359,-€437,-€513,-€549,-€1141,-
11/6 till 1/7€273,-€393,-€447,-€604,-€631,-€1141,-
2/7 till 19/8nvtnvtnvtnvtnvtnvt
20/8 till 31/10€274,-€393,-€447,-€603,-€630,-€1141,-
  • Tourist tax €0,70 p.p.p.n. (obligated)
  • Final cleaning €25,- per studio/ €40,- per appartment/ €50,- for the house (obligated)
  • Bedlinnen  €10,- p.p.  and towels €5,- p.p. (not obligated)

Prices Cycling hotel Le Rêve

We hope to have the prices of Le Rêve on our website as soon as possible. Ask us for a quote!

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Location Cycling hotels Mont Ventoux

The appartments and studios of the Mas des Amerans are located close to the village of Malaucène, From Malaucène you can climb the Mont Ventoux. The second climb to the top of the Mont Ventoux starts at Bédoin. This village is 15 km from the Mas des Amerans. Besides climbing the Mont Ventoux the area is also interesting for its old Romain villages, lavender fields and many Gorges which you can explore by bike.

Cycling hotel  Le Rêve  is located in the Drôme, just outside the village Lachau. With beautiful lavender fields and pristine mountains it is a magnificent landscape to cycle. Close to the cycling hotel there are some tough climbs, but also beautiful loops through the different Gorges. The main attraction is off course the Mont Ventoux. This mystic mountain can be climbed from the villages Malaucène, Sault and Bédoin, which are 30km from the hotel.