What measures do we take in our catered ski chalet?

The upcoming winter sport will be different from what you are used to, we say nothing new. For the time being, we assume that your planned winter sports can continue. The current measures are very strict and are expected to bear fruit. Just like you, we keep a close eye on the travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as the local developments and measures taken by the local authorities. Currently (end of October) it is true that the measures in the Netherlands are stricter than in the Alpine regions, this has to do with the situation here in the Netherlands is much worse (higher contamination level) than there.

We care about your safety and that of our local employees. In the chalet we adhere to the applicable (local) rules and we make a number of additional adjustments to ensure a healthy stay. You will find our measures below. In addition, we ask for your cooperation so that we can realize a great winter sport together.

What does the chalet staff do?

  • Upon arrival we no longer shake hands to welcome guests
  • We pay extra attention to our hygiene
  • We try to keep in touch with our guests at an appropriate distance
  • In the chalet during work, the chalet staff wears a mouth mask
  • After arrival, our chalet staff will first go into quarantine for 7 days
  • We have our chalet staff tested as soon as possible in case of health complaints (coughing, elevation, nose cold). In Austria, they are working on making rapid tests available to all employees in winter tourism. This includes our employees. Until the result, this employee remains in quarantine just like his / her direct colleague. In the meantime, a suitable solution will be found for the catering service in consultation with the guest

What changes are we taking in our catered ski chalet?

  • In consultation with the guest, we create the safest and most pleasant layout possible. The starting points for the table layout for the catering are: a maximum of 10 people at one table, minimum distance of 1 meter for different households, people from one household together.
  • After each meal, common areas and general contact points are cleaned and disinfected.
  • Sauna, jacuzzi, wellness, if available, may be more limited and disinfected / cleaned more often. This can have consequences for its use and frequency
  • We have disinfectant gel / soap available at several places in the chalet and in each bedroom
  • Depending on the accommodation, layout and occupancy, minor adjustments will be made when serving breakfast and dinner. Consider less use of so-called “self-service buffet” at breakfast, for example.

What do we expect from our guests?

  • Compliance with the measures imposed by the RIVM and measures that apply locally (location of holiday destination).
  • Do you have complaints? Then stay at home and don’t travel! If you receive complaints on location, stay in quarantine in your room while traveling back home. This prevents you from lighting other guests or our chalet staff
  • Understanding of the situation. It can sometimes take a little longer for breakfast or dinner. We keep the relaxed atmosphere as much as possible, the way is a bit different but the fun is no less
    Pay attention to the minimum 1 meter distance between each other and specifically to our staff
  • Wearing a mouth mask in your own chalet is not mandatory. Of course, feel free to do so. In any case, our staff wears a mouth mask
  • We request our guests to limit contact with others, persons outside their own household, as much as possible in the last week before winter sports. This is to limit the risk of contamination.
  • Italy: Currently, Italy requires proof of a negative Corona test that is not older than 72 hours, so you should have this test done at a recognized party just before departure. This is not possible at the GGD. Of course, take that proof with you when you travel. This does not apply to our destinations in Austria and France, but we do appreciate it.
  • Do you miss something in the approach on site in the chalet or do you have a specific request? Ask our chalet staff. We do it together!

These are some of the important measures we are taking. Our chalet staff informs our guests on location about further measures and rules. If you have any questions, you can always contact us.

Local measures Ski areas

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