Covid-19 money back guarantee insurance

Your winter sports booking is well insured with us.

A short explanation about our Corona conditions. For a small fee you are assured of a full refund of the travel expenses. This is a mandatory option when booking your stay with us. You will get your full travel sum back minus the costs of this insurance. Based on the Corona travel restrictions below, you can cancel your trip free of charge, evaluation date is 4 days before the trip.

For a small fee, you are assured of the “money-back guarantee”. You will then receive your full travel sum minus the costs of this option (type of insurance) and the booking costs. If you do not choose this, we will pay the travel sum in the form of a value voucher. You can therefore always cancel your trip free of charge on the basis of the following Corona travel restrictions: (Reference date is one week before the trip)

  • Negative travel advice is drawn up by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, concerning the mother country of the booker (ie English Ministry for an English resident)
  • Travel restrictions, for example not admitting English tourist
  • Quarantine arrangement at the country of receipt or upon return
  • Form of Lock-down, for example accommodation closed or ski area closed

Payment on a guarantee account
Payment of the travel sum is made via a guarantee account. The guarantee account – from STO Garant, also called escrow account – ensures that your money is safe and that you benefit from the ‘money back guarantee insurance’.

Neither we nor you as a customer can access the paid costs for winter sports before the trip has expired. We do not assume, but if we as a company are in a position of financial insolvency, you will not suffer any damage as a result, after all, we cannot access that money. This arrangement is subject to the STO Garant booking conditions.

Costs for using this option and payment service

  • For Catered chalet stay for a week: € 30 p.p. for adults, children and teenagers up to and including 17 years € 15, – p.p., toddlers and babies up to the age of 3 are free.
  • For Catered chalet stay for a weekend (3 or 4 nights): € 20 p.p.
  • With accommodation rental: € 20 p.p. for adults, children and teenagers up to and including 17 years € 10, – p.p., toddlers and babies up to the age of 3 are free.

The situation at a glance

Code green
There are no restrictions and the holiday can take place without restrictions. If there is still a reason for you to cancel, then our standard cancellation conditions apply.

Code yellow/ Code green

There are minor security risks. There are no or few restrictions, for example après-ski bars and other catering facilities are limited and or are limited in opening hours. In that case, there are no consequences for the performance of our service. If you still want to cancel in this case, it is your own choice and our standard cancellation conditions apply.

Code orange or code red

Negative travel advice or travel to that destination is prohibited. Chalet Beyond reimburses the trip according to option 1 or 2, which you have chosen when booking.

We follow the advise of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is also the case with bookings which are not from the Netherlands.  The reference date would be 3 days before arrival.

Our vision

The health of the guests and our chalet managers is paramount. We closely follow the advice of foreign affairs and RIVM. These are leading and result in a clear protocol for running our catered chalets and form the basis of good booking conditions.

In this way we hope to make booking even safer and more fun so that you can look forward to a familiar and enjoyable winter sport. Our team is looking forward to your request and we are happy to answer all your questions.


  • What are the benefits of the guarantee service?

    The advantage of this guarantee is that you get your money back if the trip can not take place. This will then replace a voucher, as described in our Covid-19 cancellation guarantee.

  • What is covered by this guarantee?

    The guarantee applies to the elements listed on the booking confirmation, excluding administration, warranty and any insurance costs. The amount of the compensation is maximum the amount of the total travel sum.

  • When can I close this guarantee?

    You can take out this guarantee up to 1 week after booking. It cannot be closed afterwards.

  • What am I entitled to if I do not choose the guarantee and there is a negative travel advice for the destination of my holiday?

    Initially, Chalet Beyond will be looking for equivalent accommodation in another area, which may be another winter sports country. As a customer, you can reject this but only with reasonable grounds. Chalet Beyond is then looking for a second alternative. If the second alternative is rejected again, with reasonable grounds, we will reimburse the trip in the form of a voucher, these vouchers are then valid for two years.

  • What happens to my winter sports holiday if the travel advice is adjusted to negative during my stay?

    We will get in touch with you as soon as possible and will ask you to leave the accommodation and the area as soon as possible. The financial settlement will take place by means of a voucher (option 1) or by means of a monetary compensation (option 2) as explained earlier above. The amount of the compensation will be the part of the period that you missed.

  • Will the money be refunded immediately in case of negative travel advice?

    We will do our utmost to get the refund in order as soon as possible. This will be done by 14 days at the latest.